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For example, you offer nappies for a baby for one month.
For example, you offer hygiene materials to two families.
You can help finance emergency psychological support for a group of children.

War brings suffering, first and foremost to children

Since the war began on 7 October, the death toll continues to rise. According to the Ministry of Health, more than 5000 children have been killed in Gaza since the beginning of the war. For more than five decades, the resilient children of Gaza have borne the burden of conflict and endured unimaginable hardship. As the conflict continues, it is crucial to remember that children are the most vulnerable and prone to trauma. The conditions they face in the midst of this unfolding humanitarian crisis are worse than ever. 

Armed violence is severely restricting families and children's access to basic necessities and putting unimaginable strain on their physical and mental well-being. The logistical challenge of getting humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip is considerable. Despite the challenge, we were able to deliver a first shipment of relief supplies. The kits are were distributed by the organisation’s local partners to children and families and were sufficient to support around 30,000 people. Although part of the border is currently open, this measure is still far from enough to meet the critical needs of the civilian population. We are committed to continuing our efforts to deliver further aid. 

We continue to advocate for an immediate ceasefire and unrestricted humanitarian access through international cooperation. The need to guarantee ongoing support for those who desperately need it remains urgent.

Children are not targets - they are our future and they deserve to be safe.

Working together with children for a better future

Children are why our organisation exists at all, and the focus of our daily work, informing our mission, vision and values. Children inspire us, guide us, and constantly amaze us. Their imagination is boundless, their adaptability incredible, their creativity overflowing and their resilience commands respect.  

Children share their opinions with us, give us ideas and sometimes even the boost we need to go yet further. Our objectives are always to afford them better protection, defend their rights and change their lives, permanently.

With children, for children, we are active in more than 30 countries, working in vital areas such as health, migration and access to justice.  

How does Terre des hommes makes lasting changes to children’s lives?