Hand in hand with children


Let's stand together to uphold their rights!

Eat when you’re hungry. Go to school. Get treatment when you’re ill. Play with your friends. Know where you will be sleeping tonight. Feel safe. Learn how to protect yourself from danger. We sometimes forget what these rights are, because we take them for granted so much.

They are rights that many children are still denied. We cannot really know exactly how many are affected, but for millions of children in various parts of the world, life is complicated and even painful.

Terre des hommes has been working hand-in-hand with children for more than 60 years to win protection and respect for their rights, so that every child can avail themselves of their right to health, hygiene, education, security, justice, dignity and so on.

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Working together with children for a better future

Children are why our organisation exists at all, and the focus of our daily work, informing our mission, vision and values. Children inspire us, guide us, and constantly amaze us. Their imagination is boundless, their adaptability incredible, their creativity overflowing and their resilience commands respect.  

Children share their opinions with us, give us ideas and sometimes even the boost we need to go yet further. Our objectives are always to afford them better protection, defend their rights and change their lives, permanently.

With children, for children, we are active in more than 30 countries, working in vital areas such as health, migration and access to justice.  

How does Terre des hommes makes lasting changes to children’s lives?