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Here you will find answers to many questions about Terre des hommes. However, if your question is not listed here or if you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Is there a code of conduct?
Is Tdh acknowledged by a third party organisation for procedures in matters of child protection?
I can’t upload my CV and cover letter, I get an error message. 
Where will my donation go if an emergency aid project is not deployed?
What criteria justify an emergency response?
What are the stages of an emergency response?
Is it possible to adopt a child in need through the intermediary of Terre des hommes?
Inquiries about adoptions
Why do I get your advertising even though my mailbox has a "No ads please" sign?
Why did I get your unaddressed mail even though I am already a Tdh donor?
Why do you send out so many mailings?
I am a donor but I do not wish to receive the Tdh magazine.
Can I order an old issue of the magazine?
Can I order just one issue of the Tdh magazine?
How can I make a donation?
How can I make a donation after a specific event (marriage, birth, etc.)?
Can I make a donation for a country where you do not have any projects?
I made a donation to Tdh Switzerland although I wanted it to go to the Tdh Foundation in Lausanne. I made a mistake - what should I do now?
Will my donation really be used to help children in need?
What is Terre des hommes Valais?
Does Tdh run any aid projects in Switzerland?
Who are your partners?
Why is it that when I search for on the Internet, I do not get your website?
Is Tdh politically active?
What does Terre des hommes do?
In which countries does Tdh work?
Who was Edmond Kaiser?
What is the difference between Tdh Switzerland based in Geneva and the Tdh Foundation with its headquarters in Lausanne?
Are there any regulations governing Terre des hommes volunteers?  
What does a volunteer actually do?  
Does volunteering with Terre des hommes mean being in contact with children and young people?  
Is it possible to volunteer in countries where Terre des hommes operates?  
Is there a Code of Conduct I have to follow?
Do I need to take any specific tests once I have sent my application?
Is Tdh recognised by any third-party organisations for its child relief work?
I have submitted my application but I cannot modify it