Emergency Ukraine

Two girls during activities for displaced children in Ukraine.
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buy food, hygiene items and bedding for a family of 4
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Emergency Ukraine

The horror of war

"It all started in February 2022. My son called me to say that a column of Russian tanks was approaching. He told me to hide. We put Anya in the bathroom, covered her with cushions and lay down on top of her. The fighting started. The walls began to shake and the roof was coming off. After a while it got quiet. 

The next day, as I was walking home with a bucket full of milk, I heard a plane. Then a huge explosion. I sat down and protected my head. The shock wave blew out the windows and destroyed the back of our farmhouse. I don't know how we survived. That's when we realised we had to run away," says Olena, Anya's grandmother. Like millions of other people in Ukraine, Anya's family had to leave everything to find safety. Since August, the four of them have been living in a converted room in a former village school.

Terre des hommes' teams provide assistance to families displaced by the war in Ukraine, but also in Moldova, Romania and Hungary, whether they are seeking to settle in their new lives or considering a return.  

Your donation enables families like Anya's to cover their most urgent needs.  

Where your donations go

Directly to children

All of your donation is efficiently used, with 81% allocated to child relief projects and 19% covering administrative expenses such as such as for personnel, infrastructure, accounting, IT, fundraising, and the organisation’s costs incurred to successfully run activities for and with children. 

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Certified by the ZEWO Foundation, Terre des hommes guarantees the conscientious, careful and honest use of the donations you entrust to us. Another advantage is that your donations are tax-deductible, so every year we will send you a donations statement to include with your tax return.

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