World Food Day

World food day

Combating malnutrition

Terre des hommes works assiduously all year round to stop children going hungry and thirsty. As part of World Food Day in October, teams of our volunteers sell bags of rice to passers-by, and we also get a number of restaurants involved in helping to reduce malnutrition in children worldwide.

Find us at the following locations:

Tempted to have some rice with your meal, or perhaps to go and eat in a good restaurant? Find us at one of our stalls or in one of the participating restaurants. We are running this event in most parts of Switzerland.

Do you have the desire of helping others?


Get involved by making a donation for every meal bought, or by making a single donation. We provide promotional materials to show your customers your commitment to upholding children’s rights. Contact us to find out more!

Une mère avec son enfant en Inde
Une mère avec son enfant en Inde


Give your time to help malnourished children. Either join an existing stall or create a new one with your family and friends, and sell rice to passers-by. Rice is a symbol of sharing and of life. Contact us to find out more!

JMA india
JMA india

Please feel free to contact us to find out how you can get involved, and we will be delighted to reply.