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Lebanon, child protection

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Meet the children we support around the world. See how our Foundation's work is carried out. Listen to the testimonies of our teams in the field and their daily involvement with children and young people. Discover with each of them the challenges to come.  

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Gaza: “I lost my family, and the happy life we were living.”
Gaza: "They bombed my house."
Gaza: "There's not enough food."
Gaza, December 2023
Gaza, December 2023
World Child Day
Animation: breaking down prejudices against prisoners.
Taking action: Tdh's carbon footprint
Taking action: Tdh's carbon footprint
Créches pénitentaires
Another World - Priyanka cover image
Another World - Priyanka
Another World - Aditi cover image
Another World - Aditi
Another World - Puja cover image
Another World - Puja
60 years - Sale of Oranges
60 years - Sale of Oranges