Gaza Evacuation Warning: Urgent Humanitarian Appeal

Affected area in Gaza

Urgent Humanitarian Appeal to the International Community following the Evacuation Warning in Northern and Central Gaza

Overnight, 13 October, residents of the Gaza Strip, including Terre des Hommes’ staff in Gaza, received a warning on their phones from the Israeli army to evacuate the entire northern and central area of the Strip within 24 hours.

The United Nations also received the same communication to evacuate all their staff and facilities including schools and hospitals. 
The area has been under continuous bombing for six consecutive days, the destruction is unimaginable, all the basic infrastructure is severely damaged, and roads are difficult to walk through. Gaza is in complete blackout since yesterday, which means there is no energy, no running water, no internet connection.

Asking 1.1 million people to move within a few hours is an impossible task, especially with the continuous bombing, devastated infrastructure, and the absence of anywhere safe within Gaza. And this is particularly difficult for people with limited mobility such as children, elderly, disabled and sick people.

Therefore, the International Federation of Terre des Hommes joins the United Nations Secretary-General’s request to all parties and to the international community to avoid any further escalation. We urge them to end this collective punishment, abide by International Humanitarian Law and ensure full protection of civilians -especially children who represent half of Gaza population and who are disproportionally affected by the conflict.  We also call on the US Secretary of State Blinken, currently in the Middle East, and the President of the European Commission, Von Der Leyen, who is visiting Israel today to use their diplomatic channels to enable the setting up of safe corridors to ensure access to vital humanitarian aid.

This is a statement from Terre des Hommes International Fedartion


Picture ©Tdh/Mohammed Zaanoun

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