Syria Emergency

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For example, you offer nappies for a baby for one month.
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You can help finance emergency psychological support for a group of children.
Syria Emergency

The trauma of the earthquake

In Syria, the population is once again hit by a tragedy. The human toll of the earthquake is terrible. Houses and infrastructure have been destroyed. "Too many families have been left homeless with their children and have taken refuge in temporary and overcrowded shelters. Everything is missing, from water to food to hygiene products. I have visited places where 200 people share the same toilet! This leads to diseases, epidemics and other major health risks," says Monika Kolomaznikova, head of the Terre des hommes delegation in Syria.

Thanks to the presence of our teams in Syria, we were able to quickly set up emergency aid projects in the regions of Aleppo and Latakia, which were the most affected by the earthquake. Together with our partner organisations, we are providing children and their families with hygiene kits and psychological first aid. We are also setting up child-friendly spaces that will help them regain a sense of security and overcome the stress and trauma they are experiencing. Parents tell us that this is one of the most important things right now!

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Distribution of essential goods in Syria.
Distribution of essential goods in Syria.

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All of your donation is efficiently used, with 81% allocated to child relief projects and 19% covering administrative expenses such as such as for personnel, infrastructure, accounting, IT, fundraising, and the organisation’s costs incurred to successfully run activities for and with children. 

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