A baby in Burkina Faso, being held by its mother.
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Provide seeds and tools to vulnerable households to grow their own food
to provide nutritional and medical treatment for a malnourished child
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A serious food crisis threatens children in the Sahel.

"It is really difficult for us to eat properly because everything has become expensive in the locality." Wendeyida, in her twenties, lives in a small village in western Burkina Faso. Access to food is becoming increasingly difficult. A kilogram of maize now costs almost double what it did six months ago!  

In her arms, she holds her one-year-old son Moussa. "Moussa was not feeling well. I took him to the hospital to be examined. After the examination, the nurse told me that he was suffering from malnutrition and that he needed to be monitored," she explains. In the Sahel region, more than 6 million children aged six months to five years are at risk of acute malnutrition this year.

Wendeyida with her son Moussa in her arms.
Wendeyida with her son Moussa in her arms.

"The children we help need food assistance. They are often forgotten in times of crisis," says Souleymane Diallo, head of the emergency response in western Burkina Faso. .

Take action to protect children and their families from malnutrition. Your donation supports the detection, urgent care and follow-up of malnourished children.  

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